This site is dedicated to the classic Leitz ORTHOLUX that was produced from 1937 to 1972.  The Ortholux is considered by many to be one of the finest, most versatile large research light microscopes ever produced by any manufacturer. This well deserved reputation is based on an extraordinary confluence of factors: a visionary modular design was implemented using the finest materials with "old world" craftmanship.  In combination with the world renowned Leitz optics, a research instrument of remarkable quality and scientific usefulness was produced:  the Leitz Ortholux.  The visually striking Art-Deco inspired modular design allows quickly switching between various lens systems and illumination techniques. There are an amazing variety of optional accessory components designed and introduced over the 35 year period that the microscope was produced. These options provide the capability of quickly and easily outfitting a Leitz ORTHOLUX stand to do practically any type of light microscopy imaginable. Because of the consistent modular design incorporated across various Leitz models, many of the optional components are compatible with other of the larger Leitz stands as well, including the widefield Orthoplan. Information on other "Black Era" Leitz Microscope models, as well as the celebrated widefield Orthoplan, will also be available from Leitz manuals and documentation made available on the site.